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December 20, 2013


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Noel Pinnock Mpa

Great Spirit of Christmas in QV. Janice, you forgot Ed's name with Jessica. I am glad that you guys recognized the great work they do for both Christmas and Halloween.

///Merry CHRISTmas and Happy NEW Year\\\

Editor's note. Thanks for letting us know about Ed. We use Fort Bend Central Appraisal District records since we often do not know the families who do all this wonderful work. We cross reference Fort Bend CAD records to addresses.

Rick Staley

Very nice job. There are couple I missed that you posted.

 Larry and Mary Chan

Congratulations to all homeowners who worked so hard to give us the Joy of Christmas memorable!!! Each year we look forward to this day just like children waiting for Christmas morning!

Thank you also for all the ladies who did the selection this year, it is not that easy with so many to choose from.

Thanks to Janice and John also for the amazing photos capturing the sight and (sounds?) of the season!!!

Editor's note: Capturing sound that did justice would have required much more equipment than just my camera. I took 4 videos that turned out nice, but really didn't really capture the 2906 Robinson display because without the lovely music selected, the drama of the light and sound isn't fully realized. We'll probably need to "hang up my camera" if people begin to expect that kind of production (since we often photograph under an umbrella in the rain and are always dodging cars) in the time frame we have to keep this newsworthy.

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