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February 15, 2012


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Diane Benton

I thought there was going to be a splashpad area for kids?

Editor's note: The current work being done is not funded out of capital improvement funds, but directly out of the Parks Dept Budget and using employee skills to prepare the park itself. No trees or benches have been placed in any areas that are still being re-configured for drainage and to build brooks and small ponds or that might be developed subsequently. Since trees grow slowly, we'd like to see as many trees as possible be planted where they are not in the way of future development. We hope benches will bring more people to the park and trails already in place. What you see is a land plan with little else.

N & P Slosted

Will there not be any picnic tables in this park? Just curious. It looks like all the water areas have been filled in, so just wondering where the big lake with the two little streams is coming from. Will it be manmade? Will there be a fountain in it to aireate it? I realize all this take $$$ but just wondered if that is in the future. Originally I did see there was going to be a "kids" play area. . .Was that dropped?
Thanks for all that has been done. It's looking nice.

(Please see editor's comment to comment above).

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